Don Coleman, Our Most Precious Support

Don Coleman is an American master prop maker based in Burbank, California, who grew up in Culver City, right next to the MGM Studios backlots where the scenes from "The Time Machine" were filmed. He has worked for movies and television since 1986 and is famous for building not one, but two full-scale amazingly faithful replicas of the unforgettable sled-like time machine prop seen in the movie, and three life-size hyper-realistic Morlocks (soon, they'll be four, he told us).

Don Coleman's second full scale Time Machine replica in his workshop. A third machine is currently under construction.

Rod Taylor and Don Coleman met at the Hollywood Collector's Show in April 2002.

But Don is also a Time Machine Historian and a great collector of many items and photographs related to George Pal's masterpiece. With his wife Mary, they have created the Time Machine Project, a very informative and entertaining website that provides extensive references related to the movie and many information about H. G. Wells novel, its sequels, adaptations, Simon Wells' remake, or even the machine prop itself. Since the day Don kindly wrote us to comment on some details about the photos presented in these pages (as it happens, a gentleman of the 19th-century could have actually worn a wristwatch, but only in Hollywood...) he has never ceased to generously help us with his immense knowledge of the subject which interests us here.

Above all, more than giving us invaluable pieces of information, he showed and lent us some extremely rare pictures from his personal collection, giving his consent to present these treasures on our website.

We wish to warmly thank him for all the selfless help he gave us and thanks to which we have been able to make tremendous progress in our research.

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any info
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Don Coleman,

Our Most Precious Support