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Publicity and Set Stills of the 1755th MGM's Release

We never stop seeking new pictures related
to The Time Machine movie. Here are our latest discoveries.

On the information bar of these three large-format trans­parencies (8"x10"), you can see the production number 1755 assigned by MGM to The Time Machine. For once, these promo­tional photo­graphs were not taken by Frank Shugrue since the photo­grapher's name code, AGER, is that of Virgil Apger (1903-1994) who was also long employed by the studios. MGM was betting heavily on its new discovery Yvette Mimieux and has called on Apger, well known for his portraits of stars.

Here are the latest unpublished scene stills we found at the British Film Institute National Archive. They do not have a reference number, so you can view them on the Part 2 page.

According to the collector from whom we recently acquired a copy of this photo of Yvette Mimieux, it would have been taken by a private photographer on the film set of The Time Machine. If the hairstyle and make-up of the actress do indeed evoke Weena, as in other portraits of the character, the owner of the original print was unfortunately not able to give us the name of this other photographer who would have been supposedly present during the shooting alongside the still photographer. In the absence of new elements, we think that it is more plausible that it is rather Frank Shugrue who is the author of this headshot.

For a long time, we had thought this ima­ge found on the Internet was complete.
But not at all! You can now see the entire photo­graph
on this page and know everything about its origin.

The Morlocks ca­vern is engul­fed in fire at the end of the battle. If you look closely, you can see what is likely the dummy of a dead Morlock lying on the ramp behind the flames. This unpublished and incredibly rare photo is pre­sented courtesy of The Don Coleman Collection. There is a good chance that this image is from the main series and could be the missing photo number 1755-93.

Difficult to des­cribe this strange and uni­que ima­ge. Is it a sur­viving Morlock trying to escape from the battle? (unpublished photograph from Don Coleman's Collection of original stills)

Don Coleman (him again!) has discovered another photograph of Yvette Mimieux which was taken on the set of The Time Machine. It seems to be part of the same series of portraits of the actress in a bathrobe that we show on the Off-Camera page. This one has been reproduced in American Youth Magazine (March-April 1960), just like X?L image.

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Publicity and Set Stills

of the 1755th MGM's Release

Publicity and Set Stills of
the 1755th MGM's Release

We never stop seeking new pictures
related to The Time Machine movie.
Here are our latest discoveries.