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Publicity and Set Stills of the 1755th MGM's Release

Part 5 : Miniature Set Stills

Below are displayed, only for information, some technical photos which were not intended to be used as promotional material. This part is a little different from the others because these pictures have not been made by Frank Shugrue, the set photographer who worked on the movie. They were most likely taken by a member of Project Unlimited Inc., the special effects team which made the miniatures. The image we have referenced "Miniature-10" was even made by Wah Ming Chang himself with his personal 16mm camera when filming the earthquake and lava scenes.

Excepted one (Miniature-12), all the photos we could find are related to the destruction of the city due to the atomic war in 1966. We regret that other miniature film sets, such as the Sphinx, are not documented.













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