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The Time Machine "Shug" Pictures

Among the referenced photographs we have discovered over our research about the promotional stills of George Pal's The Time Machine, some are different. They all have a black info bar with a date, the production number 1755, the four letters S, H, U, G, and a serial number. There are similar images concerning other movies of this period like 'Forbidden Planet' (1956), all  representing empty sets. These photos were taken for an exclusively tech­nical purpose to ensure the continuity of lighting and accessories between the various scenes shot on the same set.

Some time ago, Don Coleman informed us that "Shug" is the shortened version of the name of the photographer: Frank Shugrue. And here's what he told us: "There was a 'key book' in regards to films and it had every still from the film in it. So, at an early stage, I assume it contained all the set stills, but also the images of the 1755 series. I now realize that the key book is all the photos taken, in our case, by Shugrue. They all would have the banner information: date, photographer name, etc. The book was then given to the publicity department to choose what they wanted to use and created the 1755 series of promotional photos."

Giving the proof of what he was telling about, Don Coleman sent us three photos of Alan Young. The first one taken on May 29, 1959, which we know to be the image 1755-18, but with a wider frame, doesn't show this reference and the banner is numbered SHUG-145. The two other images are absolutely unique: they show Alan Young as James Filby in 1917 but we have never seen them anywhere. Marked SHUG-15 and SHUG-17, they have been taken on June, 1st 1959, and might have been not selected to be part of the 1755 series.

Therefore, this allows us to put a name on whom took all these marvelous images. Frank Shugrue (1910-1995) is then undoubtedly the author of all the images presented on this website, excepted maybe the photos of the miniature stages that could have been taken by Project Unlimited, the crew who worked on them.

The images are presented here in ascending order of their "Shug" numbers. But that doesn't really make sense because this numbering corresponds to the shots taken in a single day and it was starting over every day from the beginning (e.g. photos #13, 14, and 60 were taken on the same day).

Below are some of the images from the M.G.M.'s 1755th production "key book". Click on images to enlarge.

And by clicking here you can see a much more extensive series of 30 set stills taken by Frank Shugrue for The Time Machine and belonging to Don Coleman's Collection.

SHUG-13 and -14 (June 2, 1959): two set continuity stills of the Time Traveler's laboratory in the last days of 1899.

SHUG-15 and -17 (June 1, 1959): two publicity portraits of Alan Young (in the costume of James Filby in 1917) that may have been not integrated with the selection of pro­motional images. These unique photographs are part of Don Coleman's personal collec­tion.

Set continuity still marked SHUG-60: The garden out­side the Traveler's labo­ratory (June 2, 1959) for the night scene of his return.

SHUG-84: in front of the sphinx open pedestal (June 15, 1959) set refe­rence.

The Time Traveler's cot­tage in 1917, SHUG-91 (June 4, 1959) set con­tinuity still.

The street in the London of 1966, SHUG-144 (June 3, 1959) set continuity still. This image is from Phan­tom of the Back­lots, the website created by Donnie Norden.

SHUG-78: The shaft entrance to the Mor­locks' under­ground world (June 22, 1959).

SHUG-89 (June 15, 1959): The Museum of the year 802,701 with the talking rings table. Set continuity still.

SHUG-145 (May 28, 1959): publicity portrait of Alan Young as David Filby. This image was given the number 1755-18 when it has been chosen to be part of the series of promo­tional images. This is the clue that proves the authorship of Frank Shugrue on all these pictures. This image is from Don Coleman's per­sonal collec­tion.

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